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Dynasty Wealth

 Specializing to effectuate “Return OF Capital” (“ROC”) strategy that enables a portfolio to grow in volatile and declining stock market and economic conditions. ROC video at bottom of page.

Dynasty Wealth’s web properties which recommend investment opportunities needed to deploy Return OF Capital (“ROC”) strategy:

  • short selling and long/short algorithm powered hedge funds that have outperformed S&P 500 during all market conditions
  • micro-caps have historically outperformed blue chips during volatile market and economic conditions
  • digital disruptors provide opportunities to enable every investor to generate generational wealth in their life-time.

Dynasty Wealth memberships are exclusive and limited

Seed and Series A investment opportunities extremely rare

The startups in the above tables are examples of successful startups and were not available to Dynasty Wealth’s members.
Dynasty Wealth was founded in 2014, after Michael Markowski conducted his research to identify the common denominators for the startups.

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