About Dynasty Wealth

Dynasty Wealth was co-founded by Michael Markowski who has 46 years of diverse financial markets experience

Dynasty Wealth develops alternative or non-main stream investment strategies and identifies relevant alternative investment opportunities.  Primary objective is to assist members to grow portfolios in any environment, and especially during extremely volatile stock market and economic periods.  Investment categories which enable a portfolio to grow in any environment:

  • Private startups that have potential to multiply by 10 times with five to seven years
  • Micro-cap and small-cap public companies that have potential to multiply by three to five times within three to five years.
  • Long short hedge funds that have potential to generate gains of 30% or more per annum.

Michael Markowski has core expertise in all of the above investment categories.  He is also an acclaimed expert at developing algorithms that predict stock market crashes.  Mr. Markowski has utilized his algorithms and findings from the empirical research that he conducts to predict all crashes for the stock market since 2007.   

Markowski’s market-crash prediction algorithms have a dual purpose.  They are utilized by long/short hedge funds to outperform the S&P 500 and especially during periods of significant declines for the index.  From 2018 through the end of 2022, Michael’s Bull & Bear Tracker algorithm generated a gain of 172% vs. the S&P 500’s gain of 46%. 

Below are Mr. Markowski’s open predictions for the S&P 500 and the U.S. economy that he made in 2022.  His articles contain the data and the rationale for the two predictions.  Michael Markowski’s 2023 articles in support of the predictions contain the data and the rationale for why the probability has increased for each of the predictions to be accurate.

Please note.  Michael Markowski’s open predictions research reports and videos in support of 79.95% decline and Great Depression are exclusively available at www.alphatack.com.  The site’s slogan is “Growing Assets against the Wind” and it is owned and operated by Dynasty Wealth.  AlphaTack.com:

  • Publishes Mr. Markowski’s research findings and educational materials on volatile markets and the defensive strategies to be utilized. Video below of Mr. Markowski explaining utilization of Return OF Capital vs. Return ON Capital strategy is highly recommended.  It provides the rationale for why investments in the above categories should have allocations in an investment portfolio. 
  • Provides information on and access to long/short hedge funds that utilize Dynasty Wealth’s algorithms

DynastyWealth.com exclusively provides Mr. Markowski’s recommendations for the following:

  • Privately held startups’ founder, seed and series A rounds with 100X upside potential
  • Micro-cap and small-cap public companies which have the potential to multiply by 10X
  • Short selling and put option strategies for large cap bankruptcy candidates