Non-Public Markets Infrastructure Videos

Video: “Key note speech about Private Capital Markets Ecosystem (PCME) given by Michael Markowski at Unbound startups conference on 10/31/18” 24 min 38 seconds

Video: “WFN1 interview of Michael Markowski about private equity markets becoming liquid” 9 min 03 sec

Video: “Crypto’s Wild West” 4 min 15 sec

Explains that the wild west period for cryptocurrencies was over at the end of 2017.  The video explains why the cryptocurrency community is in desperate need of the similar “regulated” infrastructure which keeps the world’s stock, bond and commodities markets safe.  We believe that the startups that we have already identified which are emerging to provide the infrastructure to this industry that has the potential to be world’s largest digital industry will produce dynasty wealth within five years.

Video: “WFN1 interview of Michael Markowski about why the majority of the 200 crypto exchanges that were in business at the end of 2017 will go out of business by 2020 and will be replaced by tZERO, StartEngine and ChoiceTrade” 

Video: “Crowdfunding Infrastructure Startups provide upsides of 100X” 2 min 56 sec

Explains the similarities between the startups that have emerged to provide the infrastructure to support the 700 million who will be participating in crowdfunding by 2021 with the startups that emerged in 1996 to provide the infrastructure for the Internet.   Since the industries for both are very similar history will likely repeat itself.  There was many of the web infrastructure companies including Yahoo, etc., whose shares multiplied by a minimum of 100 times between 1996 and 2000.   The same will happen for the shares of the crowdfunding infrastructure provider leaders who have already or will soon emerge.

Video: “The Social Investing revolution, the sequel to the Social Media revolution has begun.” {6 min 44 sec)

Explains why the Social Investing Industry is the sequel to the Social Media Industry which was founded in 2003. Early investors in Linkedin, Facebook, YELP and Twitter were able to generate immediate dynasty wealth soon after the Social Media Industry was founded. The video contains the research findings by Michael Markowski that he utilized to produce his “Crowdfunding Must Get Back to Its Roots” October 2014 report about his discovery of the newly emerging Social Investing Industry. Mr. Markowski is predicting that by 2020 the Social Investing Industry will rival the Social Media Industry and its leaders will provide opportunities for investors to generate dynasty wealth.

Video: “Crowdfundings’ Impact on the Markets” (12 min 28 sec)

Produced by the which was founded by Michael Markowski. The video was produced and used by Michael Markowski in the presentation that he made at the Crowd Finance 2013 event.  Dynasty Wealth is predicting that the crowdfunding industry will be one of the world’s largest digital industries by 2020.  The information and research contained in this video was the impetus for the founding of Dynasty Wealth Investing.