1. Q.  At what stage of development can a company become a member of Dynasty Wealth (DW)?

A. Dynasty Wealth can get involved as early as the incubation stage and remain involved through the commercialization stage.   The transformation from the industrial to the digital economy has resulted in the evolution of an ecosystem which includes the human and financial resources to support companies which have exponential appreciation potential.   The three developmental stages that a company goes through to become successful are:

a) Stage I: Incubation

Upon a new idea being germinated, the company enters into the incubation stage.  During the incubation stage, the product or service is developed.  This is the highest risk and highest reward stage in which to invest.

b) Stage II: Acceleration

After the new product or service has been developed, the company graduates to the accelerator stage.  During the accelerator stage, the product or service is tested and readied for commercialization. The pricing, marketing and selling strategies are honed.  This risk at this stage and the reward are commensurately lower than investing at the incubation stage.

c) Stage III: Commercialization

After the product or service has been tested and the marketing, pricing and selling strategies have been established, the company enters the commercialization stage.  The risk and the rewards when investing at this later stage are both lower than the acceleration stage.


2.  Q.  Can you provide an example of a company reaching the commercialization stage?

A.  Sure. UBER is a perfect example. The four minute video entitled “Digital disruptor companies have the potential to get $10 billion valuations quickly” is recommended. Below the video is a table highlighting UBER’s key events including its initial June 2010 commercial launch and all of its key dates from 2009 to 2014.