Markowski on the Markets, Timely Alert

September 18, 2023

The share price for EmotionTrac which is covered regularly during the weekly sessions is projected to go from $1.50 to $6.00 by end of 2023 and to $60 in Q1 2025.

Since June 2023, there have been numerous EmotionTrac updates during the weekly “Markowski on the Markets” Saturday 11:00AM EST sessions.  The updates covered and continue to cover the status of the burgeoning Microsoft/EmotionTrac relationship.

The update on Saturday 09/16/23 was the most significant to date.  

The Microsoft/EmotionTrac partnership was established during week ended 09/16/23.  The partnership will result in the price of an EmotionTrac share reaching $6.00 by end of 2023 and $60.00 by end of 2024.  Additionally, there has been a new development that will result in the revenue growth for EmotionTrac’s legal business to accelerate.

The clips below are from the Saturday September 16th session:

EmotionTrac’s software and products are integral for several of Microsoft’s initiatives and also for its Chat GPT AI powered BING and CoPilot products.  

My report explains how $6,000 (4,000 shares @ $1.50) could potentially be valued for between $24,000 and more than a million in 2024.  It contains video clips for all of the EmotionTrac/Microsoft updates through Monday September 18, 2023.

Based on Saturday’s updates EmotionTrac’s share price is projected to reach $6.00 by end of 2023.  EmotionTrac now has two verticals that have significant momentum.  A viewe of the 4:07 seconds video above, would agree that the rationale for the share price to be much higher is now in place.   Additionally, the probability for shares to be sold for $60 on by end of 2024 or sooner is high.

Forge is a private secondary market that is owned by NASDAQ.  Billions of dollars of the shares of UBER and Airbnb traded on Forge and on another secondary market prior to the IPOs of the two companies.  

To understand more about Forge view 02:44  “Why EmotionTrac $6K = $240K by end 2024” clip from 8/5/2023 Markowski on the Markets session.  

EmotionTrac has been raising capital via a $1.50 per share offering which will officially close on Tuesday September 19, 2023.  A new offering at a much higher price is scheduled to open on Wednesday September 20, 2023.

Even though the offering is oversubscribed, EmotionTrac is accepting $6,000 (4,000 shares) subscriptions from a limited number of “Markowski on the Markets” participants.  However, there is a limited amount of shares and they are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Note.  Signed subscription documents must be received by 8:00PM EST on Tuesday September 19, 2023.   On September 19, 2023 funds can be wired or check dated September 19 can be sent.

The table below is from my report, which explains that my research of the four companies during their conceptual stages enable the discovery of their common denominators.  The findings were the impetus for my discovering EmotionTrac in 2016, when it was a concept.  If you are interested to invest go to