Our Marketing Solutions LLC,
Digital Customer Acquisition System startup rare opportunity

by Michael Markowski, August 28, 2020

Our Marketing Solutions LLC (OMS) a developer of digital customer and lead generator systems is a rare investment opportunity for two reasons:

  • The onset of a worldwide depression of deep recession has resulted in escalating global unemployment.  The one industry that that will benefit from this is direct sales and more specifically network and affiliate marketing.  Many of the now unemployed would not have considered to become a straight commission income earning sales person.


  • Since OMS is an LLC both the cash distributions to the investor and the value of the partnership stake has the potential to increase exponentially.     

OMS has developed and will soon commercially launch its proprietary digital customers acquisition system (DCAS) for Jeunesse Global, the world’s 13th largest network marketing company.   Jeunesse has more than one million distributors.  

DCAS is ideal for network marketers and direct sellers since it AUTOMATICALLY acquires customers for the sellers of consumer products.   For how OMS’ first product generates revenue, an independent sales person purchases a $129.00 coop advertising position.  OMS keeps $29.00 and the remaining balance of $100 goes towards social media and other advertising expenditures to generate customers.  

The video below is about the DCAS that OMS has developed for Jeunesse.

For operating capital OMS is seeking a loan of up to $150,000.  The lender(s) will receive the following:

  1. Royalties on all sales will be paid monthly until investor paid back.
  2. A 12.0% stake in OMS after loan repaid. 

Key highlights:

  • OMS is projected to begin royalty payments by 2021.
  • All cash profits after the principals have received maximum salaries of $7500 per month will be distributed to all managing and lender partners pro-rata.  
  • Since Dynasty Wealth (DW) has a 10% stake it will be monitoring OMS’ revenue and cash distributions, etc.   
  • OMS has been in discussions with two new prospective customers who it believes will enter into contracts after the funding has been obtained: 
  1. Xooma Worldwide, a network marketer of health and wellness products
  2. WFG, an insurance broker representing Prudential, Transamerica and Nationwide, etc. 

Based on my knowledge of the network marketing and financial services industries, OMS has the potential to commence viral growth very quickly.  The biggest issue network marketers and insurance agents face is how to acquire new customers after they have approached everyone in their friends and family network.   

Additionally, since DW is exploring the possibility of utilizing affiliate marketing it could potentially engage OMS to assist with the digital marketing and advertising of its BullsNBears.com website and the suite of products now being offered.    

With a post money valuation of $1,250,000 after the $150,000 loan is obtained and repaid, the probability of OMS multiplying by 10 times in value over the next few years is high.  The probability of OMS distributing cash flow which is a multiple of the $150,000 loaned by end of 2021 is also high.  

The Our Marketing Solutions LLC has one of the best risk reward ratio opportunities compared to previous investment opportunities that I have encountered throughout my career.  It’s almost impossible to find and to invest in a company with highly scalable and profitable digital products at a valuation of less than $2,000,000.

Summary of opportunity:

Post money valuation: $1,250,000

Unit denominations: $10,000

Security: debenture

Miscellaneous: $0.14 per unit sold until repaid and then a 0.52% equity stake (11,649 units)

For additional information and questions please submit the investor information request below.

Dynasty Wealth (DW) has a 10% stake in OMS.  DW may provide consulting services and receive consulting fees in the future.

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