Evolution of Digital Economy and Ecosystem (DBDE) Videos 1-6


The DBDE evolved from the development of the Social Investing Community (SIC) model.  Its participants include issuers, investors and the businesses and professionals who support privately held startup and early stage companies.  Issuer members have access to multiple rounds of financing and liquidity for their shareholders.

DBDE Video 1 of 6  “Social Investing Communities (SIC) Industry Summary” – 2 minutes 30 seconds 


DBDE Video 2 of 6 “Dodd Frank Creates Vacuum Filled by JOBS Act” – 13 minutes 44 seconds


Explains the impact that the 2010 passage of the Dodd Frank Act had in lowering valuations for small company financings and reducing share liquidity.   Also, provides details as to why the passage of the 2012 JOBs Act was a key piece of legislation to fill the vacuum caused by Dodd Frank.


DBDE Video 3 of 6 “Secondary market for all private startups emerges in 2017  6 minutes 12 seconds


DBDE Video 4 of 6 “How Social Media Industry was founded and evolution”  2 minutes 42 seconds


DBDE Video 5 of 6 “Perfection of Revenue Model for the Social Investing Communities Industry
2 minutes 48 seconds


DBDE Video 6 of 6 “Social Investing Comunities Network (SICN) Reduces Risk for Startups” – 11 minutes 43 seconds 


Provides details about the vertically integrated and seamless investment-to-funding system. Explains the roles of the founding members of the Digital Business Development Ecosystem (DBDE).